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Why should I choose Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers to represent me for my Stryker hip defect case?

By the time that you have reached our site, you have likely visited many other attorney websites where lawyers hold out their expertise in the fields of hip defect litigation. Some of these are excellent attorneys– frankly, others have no more experience litigating medical device cases that handling an automobile accident. Experience plays a significant role in the outcome of most significant disability cases arising from defective medical devices. Our firm is one of a select group of law firms who is truly committed to seeing these cases resolved in the most favorable manner possible.

Our team has invested considerable resources into Stryker and DePuy cases already. We have consulted with some of the most respected physicians, surgeons, engineers, rehabilitation medicine experts, economists and life care planners all with the goal of presenting the most favorable case possible for you. If you are ready to speak with a team of professionals who will treat you with honestly and respect, contact our team now.

Attorneys at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC have experience representing hip defect patients in a variety of circumstances and will take the necessary steps to provide for both your immediate and future care needs.

Client Reviews

My family feels a sense of closure with the help of the attorneys at the Drug Law Center. They did a tremendous job.