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Understanding Your Bodies Response To Chromium From Stryker Hip Implants

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How the body reacts to ChromiumChromium Poisoning From Stryker Hip Implants

Chromium, a chemical element, known by its symbol Cr and as 24 on the atomic chart, is a gray metal that is found in many sources, including food, water, and minerals. Mostly used in creating metals such as stainless less and chrome plating, it is highly prized for its ability to resist corrosion.

Although commonly found in trace amounts in consumable products, this metal can be extremely toxic to the human body when larger amounts are introduced to the body, causing serious and even deadly illnesses. It is important to understand the symptoms associated with chromium toxicity and to know how you may be exposed to this deadly metal through hip implants.

Causes Of Chromium Toxicity

When chromium reaches toxic levels and is absorbed at the cellular level, it can have destructive effects on the body. In certain forms, it can attack the DNA, proteins and other aspects of the cells, which can lead to a plethora of illnesses. What is concerning is that chromium can negatively impact many different systems causing multiple symptoms and issues, making it difficult to diagnose.

Chromium toxicity for most people is extremely rare. Documented cases have generally been occupational exposure through inhaling or ingesting chromium partials. However, recently there have been cases of chromium toxicity from metal hip implants made with chromium, where the metal frets and leaches chromium into the body. There have been hundreds of thousands of these devices implanted in the last decade, increasing the risk of chromium poisoning.

Medical Conditions Caused By Chromium Poisoning

Almost every system in the body can be affected by chromium poisoning, from several types of cancer to cardiovascular dysfunction. Since chromium attacks at the cellular level, it can have damaging effects on almost organ or system. However, there are common signs of chromium toxicity.

  • Respiratory. Chromium toxicity can lead to many respiratory illnesses such as asthma, chronic bronchitis, and several respiratory cancers.
  • Renal. Renal failure and kidney damage have been linked to chromium toxicity.
  • Carcinogenic effects. Nasal, lung and sinus cancers have been linked to chromium.
  • Liver damage. High chromium levels are associated with necrosis and liver failure.
  • Gastrointestinal. Chromium exposure can cause gastrointestinal ulceration and hemorrhaging, possibly leading to death.
  • Cardiovascular. Cardiopulmonary arrest and cardiovascular collapse have been both tied to chromium toxicity.

Anyone who suspects that they have been exposed to chromium through a failing metal hip plant or hip replacement system should seek medical attention if they have any symptoms of toxicity. There is a risk of permanent damage to several organs and systems in the body as well as death, so do not hesitate to have a blood analysis performed to check for chromium poisoning.

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