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A Closer Look at Essure Birth Control Complications

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The Essure Birth Control System was market as and became a popular permanent birth control option for women who were looking for an alternative to more invasive procedures like tubal litigation. Many of the women who received the system were never warned of very serious risks and complications that could arise and are now filing lawsuits against Bayer on the grounds that the company failed to warn of those risks. A growing number of women have been petitioning the FDA to take more serious action to remove the device from the market and have failed thus far to receive the justice they’ve sought.Birth Control Highlighted In Dictionary

A Close Look at the Complications

 Essure is a system that can be installed quickly and without much pain and works by placing coils into the fallopian tube which will eventually cause scar tissue to develop and prevent eggs from reaching the uterus. Where tubal litigation is reversible, the Essure system causes damage to the fallopian tubes that may be far more difficult to reverse, making it nearly impossible for women who later change their minds to have children. The other complications that can result from the procedure include the following.

  • Migration of the device— the coils placed in the fallopian tubes may move into other areas of the body, causing serious organ damage during their migration. There are a number of complications that accompany device migration which include organ perforation, severe pain and loss of sexual function.
  • Painful intercourse— for women who do not fully lose the desire or ability for sexual function, they may still experience painful intercourse, which can impact the pleasure they experience and their consortium with a partner.
  • Perforation of the pelvic organs— when the coils perforate the fallopian tubes, internal bleeding and damage to the surrounding organs may result. This results in extreme physical trauma and may even be life threatening.
  • Infections— all internal injuries pose the risk of infection due to the contamination of blood with waste destined for removal from the body.
  • Psychological trauma— when women lose the ability to enjoy sexual intercourse with a partner, it can cause depression, anxiety, a loss to self-esteem and emotional anguish.
  • Neurological complications— damage to the nerves can also result in the loss of feeling, which is another way that women may lose the ability or desire to enjoy sex.
  • Internal bleeding— heavy bleeding that goes undetected can be both traumatic and life threatening and many women have died of complications arising from the Essure Birth Control System.
  • Fetal death— in some cases, the device has failed to prevent an egg from being inseminated, and the resulting growth of the egg inside the fallopian tube can cause serious risks to the woman and most often results in the death of the fetus.

Women Lose Battle with FDA but See Legal Restitution

 A group of over 30,000 women are outraged at the dragging of feet within the FDA where the removal of the Essure system from the market is concerned. The FDA only issued a suggestion for a black box warning and more a more stringent screening process for candidates, but it falls severely short of the hopes and demands of thousands of victims who wish to see it removed from the market. Bayer is not required to adhere to the warning and the product continues to be available to those seeking a permanent birth control alternative.

Several decisive legal victories have provided much sought after vindication for victims as juries have ruled in favor of multiple plaintiffs that allege the birth control system ruined their opportunities to have normal and happy lives or that their loved ones died due to complications linked to the device.

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