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Is there a difference between filing a claim and lawsuit against Stryker in relation to a defective hip?

Stryker Cases Show Differences in CasesYes. A claim usually considered to be a private dispute administered by the manufacturer or their agent between the individual and the company involved. Auto insurance companies to dispose of relatively straightforward minor-injuries sustained in a car accident may use a ‘claims handling’ process. There are no formal rules or processes involved in claims handling process.

On the other hand, a lawsuit is a formal legal proceeding filed in a court that has jurisdiction to administer a dispute handling process and/or trial. Unlike a ‘claim’ related to a dispute, the initiation of a lawsuit is governed by specific rules, which specify how information is to be disclosed. Perhaps most importantly, the filing of a lawsuit protects the statute of limitations (time requirement for commencing an action) related to the case.

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