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The Essure injury attorneys at the Drug Law Center are committed to the pursuit of justice on behalf of the many women who have suffered catastrophic and debilitating injuries due to the Essure Permanent Birth Control System. While this product is marketed as a safe and easy alternative for tubal litigation, many women believe that these claims are erroneous and that it needs to be pulled from the market due to the severe risk of injury that women face when electing to have this system implanted. If you or a loved one has been injured, we would like to hear your story and have the opportunity to fight on your behalf.

How the Essure Permanent Birth Control System Works

Essure is a permanent birth control system that works by blocking the fallopian tubes so that it becomes impossible for an egg to ever become inseminated. Women who elect for implantation of this system are seeking a permanent solution and it is not for anyone who feels that she may change her mind at a later time. The insertion procedure works through the placement of a metal coil into each fallopian tube that is made of nickel titanium and polyethylene, which cause the buildup of scar tissue to seal the tubes.

The system was created by a company, Conceptus, which was later purchased by Bayer and five years of clinical trials revealed an efficacy rate of very close to 100%. This made it an extremely popular option for those who were already considering tubal litigation because the procedure could be performed inside of a doctor’s office and recover is very quick.

Marketing tactics have exaggerated just how easy and safe the procedure is and concealed very serious side effects from the public that women deserve to know about before ever electing to have the system implanted. Injuries linked to the devices have prompted women’s advocacy groups to protest and demand that Essure be pulled from the market completely as thousands of women who were injured bring lawsuits against Bayer for failing to warn the public and using deceptive marketing tactics.

Complications Linked to the Essure Birth Control System

While no surgical procedure comes without risk, the injuries associated with the Essure Birth Control System can be serious and debilitating. Some of the complications and injuries we have encountered include the following.

  • Infection of the vagina— this is often due to internal bleeding or perforation that makes it possible for an infection to develop and spread. It can cause severe pain, fever and septic shock if an infection is not treated in a timely manner.
  • Perforation of organs— it is possible for the metal coils to perforate the fallopian tubes and the surrounding organs, resulting in internal bleeding, infection, organ damage and more.
  • Device migration— it is also possible for the coils to migrate through the fallopian tubes and into a different place in the body, causing very similar damage to internal organs as they move through the body.
  • Expulsion of the device— the expulsion of the devices from the fallopian tubes occurs in as many as 2.2 in 100 women.
  • Painful intercourse— some of the injuries that the coils cause may cause extreme pain during sex and in some cases, there is no way for doctors to resolve the issue. This can result in the loss of consortium for women who are no longer able to enjoy intimacy with their partners.
  • Autoimmune reaction— the way that the system works is through the development of scar tissue, but this can also cause the body’s immune system to attack the uterus or fallopian tubes. When this occurs, it may result in the need for a hysterectomy.
  • Pelvic organ prolapse and stress urinary incontinence— these conditions often result from the need for a hysterectomy and can place women at greater risk if they elect to undergo procedures that use transvaginal mesh to resolve the problems.
  • Uterine cancer linked to certain types of hysterectomies— if there is a need for a hysterectomy and a woman has undergone any procedure requiring the use of morcellation, she can be nine times more likely to develop advanced stage cancer.
  • Ectopic pregnancy— in some cases, sperm may find a way to the egg through the fallopian tube, resulting in an ectopic pregnancy. This causes serious and often life threatening complications because the egg begins to grow inside of the fallopian tube rather than in the uterus.
  • Death— in some rare cases, Essure has been linked to complications which have cost the woman her life.

Lawsuits Filed by Women Against Essure Procedure

It was found that women were four times more likely to get pregnant after an Essure procedure than with tubal litigation and the incident rate for other debilitating injuries and complication was well in excess of the information provided by Bayer to the public. As a result, thousands of women have come forward to protest the continued use of this system and want it taken off of the market. Among the allegations of those who filed lawsuits were that the clinical trials contained falsified data, Bayer didn’t warn doctors or patients of risks and that the company continues to market this product while knowing of the dangerous to patients.

The Drug Law Center advocates on behalf of anyone who has been injured due to a defective medication or medical device and our award winning Essure injury attorneys are standing by to hear your story and to fight on your behalf. If you or a loved one have been injured, we invite you to have your claim reviewed completely free of charge.

Contact us today to be connected with one of our proficient Essure lawyers so that we can get started on our investigation and let you know more about your legal rights and options. Should we be unable to recover compensation on your behalf, you are assured that our services will cost you absolutely nothing.


Despite claims that the Essure Permanent Birth Control is effective and safe, many women are filing lawsuits in an attempt to seek justice for injuries they suffered after receiving the product and in an effort to have it removed from the market entirely. The Essure injury attorneys at the Drug Law Center are taking on new clients and would like to hear your story if you too have been injured after undergoing an Essure procedure. You may be entitled to recover compensation for the cost of your medical care, your pain and suffering, out of pocket expenses and permanent loss to your quality of life.

Women Claim Essure Ruined Their Lives Due to Undisclosed Risks

Bayer has and continues to market the Essure Permanent Birth Control System as an alternative to procedures such as tubal litigation and claims that it is nearly 100% effective and completely safe to use. The problem is that many women have suffered serious complications after undergoing their procedures and current data is now showing that women are as much as four times as likely to get pregnant as they are if they had undergone tubal litigation instead.

The injuries they have suffered include vaginal infections, device migration, autoimmune disorders, device expulsion, severe pain, internal bleeding and damage to internal organs. A number of women’s advocacy groups have formed to protest the continued marketing of this system— one of which has over 27,000 members now. Since 2002, the FDA has received more than 5,000 complaints and over 8,000 women have come forward with claims that the system injured them.

Status of Lawsuits

Preemption laws are currently protecting Bayer because of the FDA approval process that the device needed to pass before coming to market, but claims that Bayer falsified clinical trials and committed fraud may allow many of these lawsuits to proceed. In addition, women have opted to file lawsuits against doctors that pushed the devices heavily and even berated and discriminated against them when they complained. Here are some of their stories.

  • Heather Walsh brought legal action against Bayer in 2013 after being injured in 2008. When she elected to undergo her procedure, she was assured that a Bayer rep would be present to guide the doctor and to make sure that the procedure went properly. The rep never showed up and the doctor failed to implant the system on multiple occasions. When the procedure was finally a success, three coils had been implanted and one of them migrated to her colon. Her lawsuit alleges that Bayer misrepresented the product and never provided adequate training for physicians to implant it.
  • Kim Meyers claims that she was pressured by her doctor to undergo an Essure procedure rather than tubal litigation. When she began to complain about side effects and pain, her doctor berated her as a “silly little woman” who was “hormonal.” She is suing both the doctor and Bayer for her injuries, which have impacted her marriage and ability to do the activities she enjoys.
  • Tanya de la Paz asserts that Bayer deliberately withheld reports of adverse events from both the public and the FDA which revealed that the Essure system was prone to complications such as perforation and device migration. She needed to undergo multiple procedures both to implant the system and to have it removed.

Allow Our Trained Essure Injury Lawyers to Fight on Your Behalf

The award winning Essure injury attorneys at the Drug Law Center can help you explore all avenues of recovering the compensation you are entitled to if you suffered complications after being implanted with the Essure Permanent Birth Control System. Clear evidence suggests that Bayer lied to the FDA about the efficacy of the product and did all that it could to hide reports of adverse events in an effort to continue marketing the product without any pushback.

Contact us today to arrange your free consultation with one of our Essure injury lawyers so that we can investigate your claim further and let you know what options you have. This will allow you to make an informed choice on how you wish to proceed with your case and you will know exactly what you can expect from the process. If we are unable to help you secure damages for any reason at all, you are assured that our services will cost you nothing.

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