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Florida Drug and Medical Device Recall Lawsuits & Attorneys

NOTICE: The Drug Law Center is no longer accepting these type of cases. This page is strictly for informational purposes. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding by not contacting our office on these cases. We are actively investigating and prosecuting cases involving Valsartan cancers. For information on Valsartan lawsuits, look here.

Resource Links for Florida Drug Recalls and Medical Device Lawsuits:

Florida Bad Drug Lawsuits & Florida Defective Medical Device Cases

Florida Bad Drug Lawsuits & Florida Defective Medical Device Cases

Defective medical devices (hip and knee implants) and prescription medications contribute to the injury, illness and death of patients every year. This is because pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers often place profits well ahead of consumer safety and the efficiency of the products they bring to market. The physical, emotional and financial impacts of the injuries that these products cause have led to the increasing numbers of Florida bad drug lawsuits and Florida defective medical device cases.

The link resources listed below help victims and survivors who of lost a loved one in determining whether they have ample proof and evidence to file a claim for financial compensation against every party who caused their harm. The information includes the Florida statute of limitations, medical resources, legal resources, state associations and how to contact an attorney.

State of Florida Statute of Limitations

Florida Civil Statute of Limitations Laws — Code Provisions (Section 768.28(6)(a))

The Florida statute of limitations code limits the amount of time injured party has to file a lawsuit in the state. The legislature has placed different deadlines on the type of case the victim wants to file. Failing to file the required documentation in the appropriate courthouse before the expiration of the statute of limitations usually voids the victim’s legal opportunity to seek financial compensation.

  • Personal Injury / Negligence – 4 Years
  • Product Liability – 4 Years
  • Wrongful Death – 2 Years “from date of death. (Florida’s delayed discovery rule found not to apply to extend accrual date in wrongful death action brought by family of decedent against manufacturer of insecticide, alleging that insecticide sprayed in decedent’s neighborhood caused decedent’s death; a plain reading of the statutory text demonstrated that the delayed discovery rule applied only to products liability actions, not wrongful death actions.)”
  • Medical Malpractice – 2 Years “with discovery rule (maximum 4 years from the malpractice). SOL applies to minors 8 and older. Infant must bring suit by 8th birthday or within SOL whichever is greater. (When nature of bodily damage that occurs during medical treatment is such that, in and of itself, it communicates possibility of medical negligence, then statute of limitations begins to run; however, if there is nothing about injury that would communicate to reasonable lay person that injury is more likely the result of some failure of medical care than a natural occurrence that can arise in absence of medical negligence, knowledge of injury itself does not necessarily trigger running of statute of limitations.)”
  • Intentional Torts – 4 Years (in typical cases)

Florida Medical Resources

State of Florida Legal Resources

  • Polk County Law Library
    255 N Broadway Ave
    Bartow, FL 33830
    (863) 534-4013
  • Marion County Law Library
    110 NW 1st Ave #1
    Ocala, FL 34475
    (352) 401-7841
  • Sarasota County Law Library
    2050 Adams Ln
    Sarasota, FL 34237
    (941) 861-8191
  • Duval County Law Library
    330 E Bay St #102
    Jacksonville, FL 32202
    (904) 630-2560
  • Bay County Law Library
    Bay County Courthouse
    898 W. 11th Street
    Panama City, FL 32401
    (850) 747-5323

State, County and City Bar Associations

Legal Services for Florida Communities

Competent personal injury legal teams are available to handle your Florida bad drug lawsuit, medical malpractice case, or Florida defective medical device compensation claim. These attorney service every Florida community, urban center and rural area including:

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