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Settlement Reached In Biomet Hip Litigation

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Answers in Cases for the Biomet HipThere was a minor victory for patients that received faulty Biomet hip implants that have prematurely begun to fail. Biomet Inc. has agreed to pay a settlement of $56 million to cover injuries that were purportedly caused by their M2a Magnum and M2a 38 metal hip systems. The multi-district lawsuit that started in 2012 is compromised of hundreds of patients that have received these implants and have filed lawsuits claiming the devices caused pain, injuries and needed to be replaced.

Problems With Multiple Metal Hip Implants

This newest settlement is just one of many lawsuits that have surrounded the metal hip implant industry. The common problem with many of these metal-on-metal hip implants is the premature failure and corrosion of the metal components. This has caused pain, muscle lesions, metal poisoning and many other injuries to patients all over the world. Many patients are suffering a second surgery to have these implants removed, implants that were touted to last up to 20 years that are failing in the first few years.

Biomet, Inc. is just one of the companies that have been subject to thousands of lawsuits for these faulty metal hip implants. Other companies such as Stryker, DePuy, and Zimmer all have had similar lawsuits filed against them. DePuy, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, announced in November 2013 that they would be paying in excess of $4 billion to settle theirs over 7,500 lawsuits for their defective ASR hip implant. Stryker came to their first settlements of four of their lawsuits for their Rejuvenate hip implant in December 2013, with hundreds, possibly thousands, of additional lawsuits pending.

Biomet Settlement Details

Although the settlement was agreed upon by Biomet, the company still denies any wrongdoing. The company insists that the injuries detailed in the lawsuits were not caused by their hip implant device. As part of the settlement, plaintiffs that had implants removed after 180 days after implant will receive a base award of $200,000 and the settlement will extend to other plaintiffs that have pending lawsuits that are filed before April 15, 2014.

The monetary award will help many patients that have suffered due to these defective implants. However, there are many people who may have these implants and may have problems in the future. Time will tell what other injuries and medical problems will plague the unfortunate people that have the Biomet or one of the many other brands of these dangerous metal hips.

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