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Stockton Drug Recall & Defective Medical Device Lawsuits

NOTICE: The Drug Law Center is no longer accepting these type of cases. This page is strictly for informational purposes. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding by not contacting our office on these cases. We are actively investigating and prosecuting cases involving Valsartan cancers. For information on Valsartan lawsuits, look here.

Our reputable Stockton drug recall law firm helps victims who are injured by dangerous drugs and defective medical products. We can assist you in pursuing justice to obtain the financial compensation you deserve from every party that is responsible for causing your harm.

Our team of dedicated attorneys has successfully resolved many bad drug recall cases and Stockton defective medical device lawsuits. If you or a loved one has suffered injury due to the negligent actions of a doctor, nurse, hospital, medical center, medical device manufacturer or pharmaceutical giant, contact us today by filling the online intake form now. We offer free initial consultations to discuss your case and do not require any upfront fees before providing our immediate legal services.

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Stockton Area Hospitals

It is true that a doctor, medical center or hospital can be held legally liable for medical malpractice, mistakes or errors that cause a patient harm or their premature death. However, these cases are complex and the victim, or their personal injury attorney, must have a comprehensive understanding of civil courtroom procedure and California tort law.

Large local Stockton area hospitals include:

Dameron Hospital
525 W Acacia Street
Stockton, CA 95203
(209) 944-5550

San Joaquin County Behavioral Health
1212 N California Street
Stockton, CA 95202
(209) 468-8700

St Joseph’s Medical Center
1800 N California Street
Stockton, CA 95204
(209) 943-2000

St Joseph’s Behavioral Health
2510 N California Street
Stockton, CA 95204
(209) 461-2000

San Joaquin General Hospital
500 W Hospital Rd
French Camp, CA 95231
(209) 468-6000

Kaiser Foundation Hospital
1777 W Yosemite Ave
Manteca, CA 95337
(209) 825-3700

Lodi Memorial Hospital
975 S Fairmont Ave
Lodi, CA 95240
(209) 334-3411

Lodi Memorial Hospital West
800 S Lower Sacramento Rd
Lodi, CA 95242
(209) 334-3411

Doctors Hospital of Manteca
1205 E North Street
Manteca, CA 95336
(209) 823-3111

Sutter Tracy Community Hospital
1420 N Tracy Boulevard
Tracy, CA 95376
(209) 835-1500

Doctors Medical Center Modesto
1441 Florida Ave
Modesto, CA 95350
(209) 578-1211

Memorial Medical Center
1700 Coffee Rd
Modesto, CA 95355
(209) 526-4500

Stanislaus Surgical Hospital
1421 Oakdale Rd
Modesto, CA 95355
(209) 572-2700

Oak Valley Hospital District
350 S Oak Ave
Oakdale, CA 95361
(209) 847-3011

Sutter Delta Medical Center
3901 Lone Tree Way
Antioch, CA 94509
(925) 779-7200

Doctors Behavioral Health Center
1501 Claus Rd
Modesto, CA 95355
(209) 557-6300

ValleyCare Health System
1111 E Stanley Boulevard
Livermore, CA 94550
(925) 447-7000

Stockton Area Pharmacies

The results can be catastrophic when humans make mistakes like when a pharmacy fills the wrong prescription, dispenses the right prescription at the wrong dosage, provides the incorrect instructions or gives the individual and other customer’s drugs. Victims of pharmaceutical errors have a legal right to sue the pharmacy and pharmacist to receive financial compensation for their tangible and intangible damages.

Popular Stockton area pharmacies include:

Dameron Hospital Pharmacy
525 W Acacia St
Stockton, CA 95203
(209) 461-3104

Saint Joseph’s Medical Center Inpatient Pharmacy
1800 N California St.
Stockton, CA 95204
(209) 943-2000

San Joaquin General Hospital Pharmacy
500 W Hospital Rd
French Camp, CA 95231
(209) 468-6026

Lodi Memorial Hospital Inpatient Pharmacy
975 S Fairmont Ave
Lodi, CA 95240
(209) 339-7534

Omnicare Pharmacy
850 S Guild Ave
Lodi, CA 95240
(209) 333-4900

Kaiser Hospital Pharmacy
1777 W Yosemite Ave
Manteca, CA 95337
(209) 825-3616

Kaiser Permanente Manteca Pharmacy
1721 W Yosemite Ave
Manteca, CA 95337
(209) 824-5088

Doctors Hospital of Manteca Inpatient Pharmacy
1205 E North St.
Manteca, CA 95336
(209) 823-3111

Doctors Medical Center Inpatient Pharmacy
1441 Florida Ave
Modesto, CA 95350
(209) 576-3622

Memorial Hospital Inpatient Pharmacy
1700 Coffee Rd
Modesto, CA 95355
(209) 526-4500

Legal Services for Stockton Bad Drug Recall Cases

If you have suffered serious injuries from a medical mistake, bad drug or defective medical device, our legal team can help. Our personal injury law firm specializes in dangerous medical device lawsuits and bad drug cases that involve:

California Bad Drug Recall Case Lawyers Are Here for You

If your injuries are the result of medical malpractice, defective medical device, bad drug or the doctor’s failure to accurately diagnose your condition, our Stockton law firm is standing by to provide legal assistance. Our years of experience have helped successfully resolve many liability cases, personal injury claims, wrongful death lawsuits and medical malpractice suits. We accept all personal injury and wrongful death cases through contingency fee arrangements, so there will never be a need to make an upfront payment.

Statute of Limitations

California maintains strict limits on how long you can seek financial recompense for your damages, based on the state’s statute of limitation laws. Because of that, it is essential to ensure that you file all the appropriate paperwork at the right California court before the statute expires. Our team of legal experts can help you determine how long that is and handle every aspect of your case to a successful conclusion.

Contact us today to schedule a free case evaluation by filling out the online intake form now. Our attorneys can discuss the merits of your claim with you and start the process of obtaining your financial compensation. We represent many clients in California including in Stockton with ZIP Codes like 95202, 95203, 95204, 95205, 95206, 95207, 95209, 95210, 95211, 95212, 95215, 95219, 95231, 95242, and 95336.


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