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Stryker Rejuvenate Legal Claims

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About Hip implantsLegal Claims For People With A Stryker Rejuvenate

When the Stryker Rejuvenate hip implant was first released, it was given a 501(k) approval, which allowed it to bypass clinical studies. It was assumed to be safe because it was similar to other products on the market. Unfortunately, recent studies have shown the Stryker Rejuvenate to have a high risk of failure.

Patients with these implants needed revision surgery at three times higher than the normal rate of patients with other hip replacement devices. Trace metals were often found in patients’ bloodstream and many patients suffered from heavy metal poisoning.

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Symptoms of Stryker Implant Failures

If you have a Stryker implant, schedule an appointment with your doctor to get your implant checked up. Though problems with the implant itself can be felt by the patient, heavy metal poisoning can’t be detected without metal ion blood tests.

Patients with Stryker implants often experience one of the following symptoms shortly after getting the surgery. Some patients experience these symptoms within weeks, though most patients don’t experience any symptoms for at least 6 months.

  • Feeling like the joint “popped.”
  • A dull pain in or near the joint.
  • A faint sound from the joint. Sounds might include squeaking, popping or clicking.
  • Pain when walking or going upstairs.
  • Pain when sitting down, getting up or sitting into a car.
  • Inflamed tissue near the joints.
  • Dislocation.
  • Weakness near the implant.
  • Sharp pain or shooting pain.

These are all symptoms of implant failure, or signs of the local tissue reacting adversely to the implant. However, these are not the symptoms of heavy metal poisoning. Heavy metal poisoning takes longer to show symptoms, but have far more serious consequences.

Symptoms of heavy metal poisoning can include optical nerve damage, organ damage, internal bleeding and an increased risk of cancer.

Revision surgery for Stryker Defects

If you suspect an issue with your implant, the first thing you should do is schedule an examination with your doctor. Your doctor will use a combination of X-Rays, heavy metal ion blood tests, and other lab procedures to determine whether or not there’s an issue with your hip implants.

If a problem is detected, your doctor will most likely schedule a revision surgery. Unfortunately, hip revision surgery is an even more difficult ordeal than the original hip surgery. Given the design of the Stryker prosthesis, the removal process may require aggressive maneuvering which can result in a fracture of the femur.

During the revision surgery, the surrounding tissue will often have to be removed, especially if the tissue was inflamed or damaged by the hip implant. Because of that, it’s often more difficult to make the new implant fit tightly. The strength of the surrounding bones may have also deteriorated, further complicating the surgery. The surgery is more technically difficult than a standard hip replacement. It takes longer to recover and also results in more blood loss.

What Compensation Are You Entitled To For A Failed Stryker Rejuvenate Hip?

If you’re a victim of Stryker hip failures, you may be entitled to:

  • Past and future medical expenses. You could receive compensation for your medical examination, your revision surgery and any future monitoring necessary. Compensation could include ongoing monitoring for heavy metal poisoning.
  • Disability. If the Stryker hip failure has resulted in disability or impaired movement ability, you may be entitled to compensation.
  • Loss of wages. If you were unable to work because of your hip failure, you may be entitled to compensation for lost wages.
  • Pain. If you’ve experienced severe personal pain, you may be entitled to compensation. Compensation for pain and injury is usually measured as a multiple of the “specials,” which are your medical expenses plus your wage loss. Given the considerable future medical needs of some patients, many of these cases have significant value.

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