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Xarelto Complications, Bleeding Side Effects & Litigation

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Xarelto Attorneys Provide Introduction to Complications and Pending Lawsuits

The Xarelto injury lawyers at the Drug Law Center have been watching the growing XareltXarelto Sample Heldo lawsuit for a long time now and are currently accepting new cases on behalf of the many people who have been injured due to the dubious claims made by Bayer over its safety and efficacy. Many patients suffered from serious complications while taking the medication and the lack of an antidote only made matters worse. After being marketed as an alternative to other blood thinners without the need for regular blood monitoring, data suggests that Xarelto is far more dangerous than those medications it claims to be an effective alternative to.

The History of Xarelto

 For people suffering from blood clots or who are at an elevated risk of pulmonary embolism, stroke or certain heart conditions, anticoagulants help by thinning the blood and helping to break the clots up before they can form blockages. One of the historic complications that has arisen from treating patients with these medications is the risk of uncontrolled bleeding. It is for this reason that doctors monitor the blood of patients on medications such as Warfarin on a regular basis and make adjustments to the dosage accordingly.

Xarelto received approval initially to treat patients who had just undergone surgery to replace their knees or hips for the purpose of preventing blood clots while they recovered. It then gained approval as a treatment for atrial fibrillation, which is a heart condition that occurs when the heart does not beat properly. The Food and Drug Administration then granted approval for Xarelto as a treatment for deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism following a fast-track review.

The drug was marketed with the specific benefit of being safer than Warfarin and not requiring regular blood monitoring to make certain that there was no risk of internal bleeding. These were false claims and Bayer was so reckless about its claim that no antidote was produced for doctors to use in the event that a patient was bleeding and there was a need to quickly neutralize the drug in his or her system.

What are the Most Common Conditions Treated by Xarelto?

 Bayer has made a strong push for the use of Xarelto in the treatment of atrial fibrillation, but there are other known applications for the medication, which include the following.

  • The treatment of pulmonary embolism— this occurs when a blood clot forms in the leg and travels to the lungs. When the clot causes a blockage in the lungs, it can result in oxygen deprivation throughout the rest of the body.
  • Treatment and prevention of stroke— a stroke is very similar, except the blood clot causes a blockage in the brain instead.
  • Deep vein thrombosis— this is the formation of a blood clot in the leg. It is not as serious as a blood clot in other areas of the body, but the concern here is that the clot may move to vital organs.
  • Post-surgical prevention of blood clotting— following any surgical procedure, the body begins to heal by sealing any wound with platelets and then supplying the body with the building blocks to regenerate tissue, bone or blood. This increases the chance that clots will form in the blood, so patients that are at risk of certain complications may be prescribed a blood thinner as a preventative measure.

Complications Linked to Xarelto

 Most of the severe side effects of Xarelto are linked to uncontrolled bleeding, because they are often those symptoms which accompany blood loss or organ damage. Age has a factor in the risks that people will take on, as the risk of bleeding grows more significant with age. The most worrisome side effects include the following.

  • Hemorrhaging in the brain— an uncontrolled bleed in the brain is almost impossible to treat and the patient often suffers severe and permanent brain damage as a result. The lack of antidote for this drug only makes it more difficult to produce a positive prognosis.
  • Uncontrolled bleeding throughout the body— major organs can begin to shut down when they are impacted by sudden and uncontrolled bleeding. The accumulation of blood inside of the body can also become problematic.
  • Loss of consciousness or fainting— this is a sign of blood loss and can reveal an internal bleed that requires immediate attention.
  • Inability to stop bleeding from a wound or bruise— any anticoagulant will make it more difficult to stop bleeding once you are wounded, but the lack of antidote here can exacerbate the problem.
  • Coughing up blood or bleeding from the nose— these can be symptoms of a serious internal bleeding problem.
  • Infection— Xarelto has also been linked to infections which have resulted from the uncontrolled bleeding that has been associated with the medication.

Xarelto Lawsuits

 There are over 4,500 lawsuits currently pending after it was discovered that Bayer made false claims over its safety compared with alternatives. If you have been injured while using this medication, we would like to hear your story. The Xarelto injury attorneys at the Drug Law Center have represented thousands of people who have suffered serious complications by taking the medications that were supposed to make them well.

Contact us today to arrange a free consultation with one of our award winning Xarelto injury lawyers so that we can review the details of your claim and let you know more about your legal options. If we are unable to recover the compensation you are entitled to, we assure you that our services will not cost you anything at all.

In the first lawsuit set to be heard over Xarelto, the plaintiff alleges that Bayer made blatantly false claims about how safe the medication was and made the reckless and greedy decision not to manufacture an antidote— a decision that almost cost him his life. While the medication has generated over $2 billion for Bayer and Johnson & Johnson in 2015 alone, thousands of victims have suffered serious complications or died because the drug makers cared more about profit than safety. Our Xarelto injury attorneys at the Drug Law Center are prepared to help the victims find the justice they seek for this travesty.

The Reasons Cited for the Growing Legal Action Against Xarelto’s Makers

 After being placed on the market in 2011 as an alternative to Warfarin, Xarelto became known as the anticoagulant that didn’t require blood monitoring. It was propelled to massive success on false claims and is now considered far more dangerous than its alternatives. Victims have claimed the following damages in their lawsuits against Bayer.

  • The exorbitant cost of treating uncontrolled bleeding during visits to the emergency room— because there is no antidote available, patients who must be treated in the ER often require blood transfusions and extended monitoring until doctors can be sure that the bleeding has stopped. Organ damage and other complications can also extend their stays and keep them from being able to work.
  • Emotional suffering— there is an emotional toll on both the victim and the family in the case of uncontrolled bleeding. This is compounded when the loved one has died due to his or her injuries.
  • Loss of consortium and cost of memorial— those lost may have made significant financial contributions to their families and are revered by those they left behind as mentors, friends, companions and lovers.
  • Punitive damages— plaintiffs are seeking punitive damages beyond the compensatory cost of their injuries because they believe that the medication was brought to market on bad faith. There is no reason why Bayer should have refused to first develop an antidote and the marketing of the medication with the claim that blood monitoring was not needed was an unfounded and dubious claim meant only to bolster sales.

Current Lawsuits and Potential Impact on Your Claim

 There are over 4,500 lawsuits currently pending against Bayer and Johnson & Johnson, which have been consolidated into a Multidistrict Litigation. This means that all statements of fact and other evidence will be reviewed to determine which statements are admissible in the trials when they return to the courts they came from. There are also several other notable cases currently being considered.

Ruth McGowan took legal action after she suspected that her father’s fatal brain bleed was linked to Xarelto. Thomas Dunkley was prescribed the medication to reduce his risk of stroke, but he experienced uncontrollable hemorrhaging in his brain after only a month on the drug. McGowan alleges that Bayer and Johnson & Johnson’s subsidiary, Janssen, did not perform the proper trials and research before bringing Xarelto to market and that what risks the drug maker knew about were intentionally concealed from the public.

In another lawsuit, Nancy Packard claimed that her husband died because of complications linked to bleeding brought about by Xarelto. Like Dunkley, he suffered a serious bleed in his brain after taking the medication for six months for the treatment of atrial fibrillation. Packard’s chief complaint is that Janssen did not warn the public about the lack of an antidote. She feels that an effective antidote would have saved her husband’s life.

As more cases are heard, there may be the possibility of a settlement offer. As this is not a class-action lawsuit, every victim will have the option to choose whether to accept the offer or press forward with his or her case. The value of your own claim will depend on the cost of medical expenses associated with your injury, lost wages, the severity of your injuries, the loss of a loved one and any drastic reduction in the quality of your life.

Have Your Xarelto Bleeding Case Reviewed Free of Charge

The Xarelto injury attorneys at the Drug Law Center are strong advocates for any person who has been injured or lost a loved one because of egregious actions taken by greedy pharmaceutical companies. We are appalled at the lack of concern shown by Bayer and Johnson & Johnson toward the safety of the people who buy their products and will do whatever it takes to bring these large drug companies to justice for their misdeeds.

If you have been injured, we would like to hear your story and to help you determine whether to take legal action. We strive to provide top notch legal services to anyone in need, so we promise never to require upfront fees or to place any added strain on your finances. If we are not able to secure compensation on your behalf, you’ll owe us nothing. Contact us today to arrange your free consultation with one of our award winning Xarelto injury attorneys so that we can get to work on your behalf right away.

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