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Zimmer Durom Cup Failure Lawsuit

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Zimmer and its failureZimmer Durom Cup Failure Lawsuits

When Zimmer Holdings first marketed the Durom Cup replacement in 2006, the metal on metal device was thought to be beneficial to those that required an artificial hip implant. However, by 2008, the company announced the suspension on sales of the device due to the high number of complaints about product defects that often caused premature failure. As a result, many victims suffering injuries from the hip replacement filed a Zimmer Durom Cup failure lawsuit.

The voluntary sales suspension of Durom hip replacement components came after much controversy between orthopedic surgeons and representatives of Zimmer Holdings. The product was thought to be a long-lasting alternative design (up to 20 years), compared to traditional hip prostheses. The manufacturer believed the device would serve as an ideal solution for active, young patients in need of an orthopedic implant. Unfortunately, the implanted cup often required the patient undergo additional surgeries to correct the problem of a defective design.

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Serious Medical Complications

The Zimmer Durom Cup device was implanted on approximately 12,000 patients in the two years it was marketed to the public. The product was designed to allow the stimulation of new natural bone growth to keep the cup firmly in place. Within months, many individuals started experiencing severe pain, requiring subsequent surgeries to replace or remove the component.

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The design was a novel one in that natural bone growing around the implant could hold it firmly in place without the need for cement. However, the plasma coating as part of its design did not always stimulate natural bone growth as desired. As a result, the implant would not seal with or properly attach to, the bone. Eventually, the newly implanted socket would tend to float inside the hip joint, often causing severe lower back and hip pain. In some incidences, patients experienced a substantial decrease in mobility.

In many incidences requiring removal or replacement, patients often shared similar complications that required revision surgery. These complications are often the result of severe bone loss and inflammation in the hip area caused by the release of microscopic metal ions. Common complications include:

  • Constant walking with a limp or challenged gait
  • Stiffness and severe pain when standing from a seated position, followed by noticeable limping for several steps
  • Challenged walking especially up and down stairs
  • Sharp, intense pain in the groin area, when moving from a bent position to upright
  • Introduction of heavy metals into the body
  • Increased necessity to use a cane when walking outdoors
  • Lack of walking endurance

Legal Accountability For Providing Safe & Effective Medical Devices

Manufacturers that supply medical devices have a legal obligation to protect patients, who use their products, from any injury resulting from obvious defects. Typically, when defective products including the Durom hip replacement are sold, a claim involving product liability can be filed against the manufacturer. 

In many incidences, a products liability case is based on strict liability theory, which does not require that the medical device manufacturer intended to cause harm, or intended negligence. To hold the product device manufactured legally accountable, the injured patient must demonstrate:

  • The medical device is unreasonably dangerous
  • The patient suffered injuries caused by the product defect
  • The defect existed while the product was under the manufacturer’s control

Filing a Lawsuit When A Zimmer Hip Fails To Perform

If you have suffered painful injury because of a defective Zimmer hip implant, you might be entitled to receive financial recompense. Many individuals that suffer injuries from the medical device implant will file a Zimmer Durom Cup failure lawsuit. 

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Often times, experienced attorneys can prove in a court of law that the manufacturer failed to protect consumers by putting profits ahead of safety. In addition, the manufacturer failed in their abilities to design the product without defects, and/or failed to make patients aware of any potentially harmful problems from its use.

Drug Law Center is currently reviewing medical device cases for individuals experiencing problems because of their Zimmer Durom Cup hip replacement surgery. With years of experience in product liability law, our skilled lawyers use their extensive knowledge in developing successful strategies when making a product liability claim.

The attorneys offer the best representation to achieve the highest settlement possible for failed metal hip prosthetics. Call Drug Law Center at (888) 424-5757 for a free no-obligation consultation. The attorney will review the merits of your claim and provide legal counsel on all of the available options for receiving financial compensation.

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